The Spires

Built long ago as a wealthy noble’s vanity project, these three luxury towers were supposed to attract the richest and most influential people in all of Bastige. After sinking the majority of his family’s fortune in bribing the right officials and construction, the ambitious noble (whose name has been lost to history) watched helplessly as his dreams turned to ash when the housing commission denied his request for warding.

Lacking any gargoyle sentries or magic wards the Spires top floors were soon overrun by harpies, goblins and other vermin. What was supposed to stand as a monument to modern construction and opulence among the Bastigian skyline now stands as a testament to the folly of ambition. The Spires are like a rotten tooth, rife with decay and generally ignored by the general populace.

The first dozen floors of each tower are relatively normal for slums, semi-legal businesses are conducted out of the storefronts on the ground floors, while poorer families live in tiny apartments above. These apartments see numerous tenants as many families move their in an act of desperation and only stay as long as it takes to save up enough money to move somewhere else. The further you ascend within the Spires the more dangerous it becomes as desperate men and women struggle to eke out an existence while seeking refuge from the law and underworld alike.

Within the walls of the Spires everyone plays by the same rules. Who you are or who you were outside doesn’t matter, your old life vanishes among the rats in the walls. Despite the general sense of community among those who live in the Spires, life is understandably harsh and bloody. Gangs and turf wars are common as every doorway, stairwell and alcove are highly contested. Among the most notable of these gangs are The Red Rats, The Freemen, and Mama Feathers and Her Children.

The Spires

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