The People's Quarter

Located along the eastern coastline of Bastige, the People’s Quarter is Bastige’s poorest and most densely populated district. Filled with merchants, craftsmen, sailors and other less desirable types, the People’s district is aptly named for its diverse inhabitants. Though claiming to be from the People’s quarter often garners looks of contempt from Bastige’s more affluent citizenry, those of the People’s know that their district is by far the most welcoming and community oriented of the four quarters. Everyone in the People’s quarter is instilled with this sense of community and have a great sense of pride because of it.

The People’s is also considered to be the most dangerous of Bastige’s districts as it plays host to numerous black markets and slums. Despite the danger the People’s, is arguably the most important district, as it’s home to Bastige’s port, the lifeblood of its economy.

Districts of the People’s Quarter

Points of interest in the People’s Quarter:
The Barges:

The Bastigian Public Zoo:

The Statue of Sorcerer King Thersang Fiertine I:

The Offices of orators and accounting

Ash Field Street

The People's Quarter

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