Class Descriptions

Alchemist: Though fairly new to the world of Verasin, alchemists have already made a large impact on the world’s stage. Many of the wondrous advances in Varsellon can be directly attributed to alchemists who flock to the cities of Varsellon’s aggressive recruitment and training program. Alchemists are trained and in charge of public works projects and are rewarded with citizenship and gold for their service. Outside of Varsellon alchemists often carry a similar stigma to those of wizards, especially in the badlands of Ordahl where the people are terrorized by the minotaur alchemists of the Black Cloud Caldera.

Barbarian: Living on the fringes of society and shunning civilization, barbarians dot Verasin’s landscape living in small clans in the frontier. The clans of Dortunwood in western Ae’Ristil coat their skin and hair in powdered bone and ash to give themselves the appearance of spirits in battle. Among the Shattered Spine mountains on the borderlands of the Gray Scar live clans of humans who refuse to leave their ancestral homelands. Over just a few generations these resilient people have become warped and twisted by the lingering corruption of the Faceless. There are horrifying rumors that many of these clansmen have mutated into bloodthirsty murderers who consume the flesh of sentient beings.


Cavalier: Though most well known for their battle-casters, cavaliers make up the majority of Bastige’s standing army. Flag bearers and swordsmen from families lacking the natural talent of sorcerers, cavaliers from Bastige fight for glory in the King’s name while playing an intricate political game off the battlefield. The Ellum cavaliers of Jaenai, mounted on warhounds, fight to protect their community against the encroaching jungles of Thesh. They prefer wielding crescent bardiches of the Eternal Archmage and are bind themselves to one another through unbreakable oaths.




Gunslinger: Guns are quickly spreading across Verasin. Though Bastigians reject the “Varsellonian scourge”, many other countries clamber for the advanced weaponry coming from the Steel Democracy. Though the gun is spreading, those best trained in its use still come from Varsellon. Some of the best gunslingers are recruited by the Westfallow Agency as bodyguards, investigators and adventurers for hire. These renowned agents are easily identified by their signature Westfallow pistols and thin, single edged swords. Strangely enough, the gun has become a symbol of revolution among the Araani. Though the Araani respect the power of this new weapon and have many sages developing their own version of guns, increasing numbers of Araani rebels are taking up the gun and attempting to dismantle the established caste system.

Inquisitor: Perhaps the most famous Inquisitors of Verasin are the Black Sisters of Ordahl. Since the Black Crusade these





Ranger: Rangers live on the borders between civilization and the wild serving as wardens and protectors to both worlds. Most commonly found amongst the Uruun as beast masters. Rangers of the Uruun are tasked with protecting and taking care of leviathans carrying the cities on their back. Outside of the caravan cities, rangers are most commonly found among the horselords of Ordahl to the south. Mastering the harsh plains and badlands of Ordahl with peerless horsemanship, rangers are the pride and symbol of their people.

Rogue: The underhanded and “extra legal” are in no short supply in Verasin. Wherever there are fools with too much money there will be rogues to take it from them. Among the collective city states of Bashara rogues run rampant. Crime is always abundant among the confederacy and the city guard combats not only a highly organized criminal element but squabbling politicians who are more interested in fulfilling family vendettas than actually maintaining the law. This overall lax attitude makes many outsiders question whether or not there isn’t some more sinister force pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Far off the mainland of Zuron, in the archipelago of Mydenea there lies Alatos, city of salt. Here, in the shadows of Mydenea’s marbled senate, smugglers and merchants sail the dark, tempestuous seas in search of glory and gold. These fearless sailors take full advantage to the newly opened trade routes with the mainland, though several international incidents has caused the senate to hire privateers to keep them in check.

Sorcerer: Due to the prominence of blood magic, sorcerers are the most populous among magic users in Verasin. Admired for their natural command over magic, sorcerers are well respected and fit into most communities they come across, so long as they don’t make too much trouble. Sorcerers are often normal people who discover a natural talent for magic and seek to make those gifts work best for themselves. To the sorcerer, magic is an extension of who they are. Because of their strong connection to Azrelia, the Mother of None, as well as their obsession with the sorcerer kings of old, Bastige has some of the most powerful sorcerers in Verasin within its walls.

Summoner: Summoners are extraordinarily rare in Verasin, lucid dreamers who are able to manifest part of the ether onto the material plane. Starting at a very young age, lucid dreamers explore the realms between worlds in their sleep. Many lack control over this incredible gift and drift within the ethereal sea, being witness to the depths of the abyss as well as the glory of heaven. Some dreamers never wake, hunted by nameless predators of the ether. Those who do are forever changed, and even fewer still are able to manifest part of their dreams in the physical world. These eidolons are manifestations of both the dreamer’s experience within the ether mixed with various parts of the psyche. Summoners are often confused with sorcerers by common folk though those with knowledge in the arcane understand how rare the gift summoners have is.


Wizard: Wizards are often seen as mad due to the endlessly complex formulae and dangerous experiments they study while exploring the true nature of magic. This social stigma is pervasive throughout most of Verasin mostly because of their obsessive nature and lack of social skills when compared to the naturally gifted Sorcerers. Wizards often see themselves as mathematicians, scientists and philosophers, who seek to unveil the mysteries of magic, the universe and the Ether. Wizards are uncommon in Verasin and mostly come from specialized academies found in remote locations as both a way to protect others from themselves and as a way to guard their own secrets.

Class Descriptions

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