Brief Overview of Countries in Verasin

Vorelia: Small insular nation struggling to find its identity after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of its despotic god-king known as the Crimson Lich. The citizens of Vorelia lived in terror of their all powerful leader whom they worshiped as a god while being worked to death in labor camps or being fed to various members of the undead aristocracy. After the ruling council fell to infighting Vorelia has been freed from its shackles but is haunted by its past while facing an uncertain future.

Ae’Rithin: Massive empire of the Aarani, it’s been dwindling ever since the end of the End War. Unable to maintain its vast holdings after being decimated, the Aarani desperately hold on archaic traditions that severely reduces their reproduction rate. The empire is in on the verge of rebellion between traditionalists and more progressive Aarani seeking to open their borders and abolish their old caste system. Though in decline the empire is still a major political, economic and military powerhouse with influence spread subtly across Verasin.

Thesh: A massive living jungle that’s home to some of the most dangerous creatures in Verasin. The land is constantly in flux thanks to the primal leylines that run throughout the jungle often causing wild mutations to wildlife. Savage tribes of satyrs and spriggans fight to command nature itself, empowered and intoxicated by primal fonts of power. Lost tribes of Ellum have also been spotted, reverted to feral tribalism and savagery. Lurking deep within the jungle’s heart lie the lost cities of the Elandran. Many adventurers have risked their lives seeking the fortune and lost knowledge of these cities. Some have found fortune and lost secrets, others have found something far darker lurking within.

Janaei: The remnants of the once proud Elandran kingdom, Janaei is a collection of grand cities built on powerful leylines bordering Thesh. The abandoned Ellum now struggle desperately to protect and maintain their ancestral homeland against the encroaching jungle and beasts within. Ellum who aren’t on the front lines fighting back the jungle are toiling in the fields or at forges, providing food and supplies for their besieged brethren. The Ellum would have surely been swallowed by now if it weren’t for their shrewd and surprising business acumen. By acting as a safe haven for the multitude of adventurers and scholars hoping to find fortune and fame within the lost cities of Thesh, the Ellum greatly bolster their number of defenders. Some say that plans are in motion to reclaim some of the lands lost to crawling jungle.

Ordahl: A land as harsh and unforgiving as its people, Ordahl stretches down the southeast coast of Zuron sandwiched between the Ae’Rithin, Thesh and the great burning sea. Master horsemen and archers, the tan skinned people of Ordahl are known for their stubborn pride and long memories. After their former patron goddess Azrelia abandoned them Ordahl was overrun with hordes of undead. After begrudgingly seeking aid from their neighbors in this Black Crusade, the weakened Ordahlian forces were conquered by the Aarani Empire. The first nation to free themselves after the End War, misogyny fueled by resentment is pervasive in Odahlian society even as they seem to be reaching an age of enlightenment in all other aspects of life.

Bashara: Once, the nation of Bashara was merely a collection of free cities along the Godsmouth Delta constantly at war with one another. When the Aarani Empire marched north the warring city-states put aside their mutual hatred and banded together to defend themselves against the armies of the war god. The new nation had just barely been besieged when the cataclysm of the Faceless’ coming sparked the beginning of the End War. Now, two hundred years later, the collection of city states has once again fallen to infighting, with dozens of noble families vying for control through diplomatic marriages, and shady business dealings, a deadly game of shadows plays out in the back alleys and canals of the vendetta obsessed Bashara.

The Isles of Mydeneos: This society of democratic, black skinned humans has only recently started to interact with the mainland. Living side by side with the matriarchal Titans, the people of Mydeneos are are a society of artists, philosophers and fishermen with great expertise in statecraft and trade. They worship an entirely different pantheon of gods compared to those on the mainland. Mydeneos was isolated in large part due to the “Eelfolk” and their great coral cities. While technically an archipelago power wrests between two major islands. The “City of Marble” where the senate sits and the “City of Salt” where the majority of Mydeneos’s sailors live.

Brief Overview of Countries in Verasin

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