Vesperia Arsavian

High Inquisitor of Her Lady Justice


Vesperia “Vesper” Arsavian is a tall, light-skinned woman with short blonde hair. She appears to be in her forties but maintains a lithe warrior’s musculature. As a High Inquisitor, she wears clothes and armor lined with Her Lady Justice’s crimson. She holds herself in a straight posture and tends to look severe and business-like.


Vesper came to Bastige roughly eight years ago, sent by the leaders of the Church to check in on the status of the local branch. She was displeased with the passive methods of Aldric Archambeaux but saw promise in Iskanda Narrah, then a relative newcomer to the city. After encouraging Iskanda to pursue the path of an Inquisitor, Vesper departed with little fanfare and has not been seen in Bastige since.

Vesperia Arsavian

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