The Towers Quarter

Located in northern Bastige, the Towers Quarter is Bastige’s wealthiest and most prestigious district. Populated by nobility, well connected merchants and Bastige’s most powerful arcanists, the Towers gets it’s name from the myriad of high rises, keeps and spires that gives northern Bastige such a unique skyline. While many who live in the quarter claim that the towers are monuments to the glory and power of Bastige, others claim they’re just another status symbol for the city’s egotistical elite.

Districts of the Towers Quarter

Points of Interest within the Towers:
Mondeceau Palace: Sangcette Fiertine V, his royal highness and sovereign lord of all Bastige dwells within this magnificently opulent palace. Best known for its sprawling rose gardens and ornate facades, Mondeceau palace is the crown jewel of the Towers District and a symbol of pride for any true, patriotic Bastigian.

The Prime Cultural and Historical Repository of Bastige: Located closer to central Bastige, this is the Towers most accessible point of interest as anyone may visit the Prime so long as the price of admission is paid. Within its great halls is a testament to the glory of Bastige and the Corendall empire. The Prime, as it’s known by common folk, is filled with historical artifacts, dating back hundreds of years from all across Verasin. This, combined with great pieces of art from all of Bastige’s most important artists, makes it is a piece of living history.

The Sermonic Academy and Sanctum to the Arcane: Home to The Arcane Order of the Sermonic Labyrinth this massive academy serves as the Order’s base of operations and recruiting center. This is where the most elite magic users in Bastige come to study and practice magic. Membership is highly sought after and one of the few things that can’t be bought in Bastige.

The Towers Quarter

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