Containment Procedures: JCL-001 is to be kept slightly moist with a mister can. A solution of 80% and 20% solvent #87(PH.07). RH should be at 70-85 degrees. Handling JCL-001 must be done with gloves and a mask. After interacting with jcl-001 you must be scrub with a acidic solution at a tempter of 135 degrees for 2mins. Any signs of infection must be reported to Dr.Clemont.
Signs include coughing, sneezing, baggy eyes shortness of breath and low fever.

Description: JCL-001 is a Green bulb resembling that in shape of similar to a heart. Tho in no means identical. A slight simmer is seen across is surface. Which is linked to the magical school illusion. Otherwise the mold itself is in appearance like that of Rhizopus lipism.
The blub has the beginnings of a flower like bud which is yellow and orange. Weights about 2.kg.

Test subject Ibiblio.
Test subject has been infected (Presumably) for 14 days. Cough and sunken eyes apparent.
No outward signs of magical infection or change in demeanor like that experience in the spires.

Test Subject: Zeen
Zeen is exposed to fungus day 1.
Zeen is showing signs of infection moments after being exposed. All signs are nearly identical to subject Ibiblio.
Zeen has professed tiredness and feeling hot.
day 4 no change in subject in the necessity of time Zeen has been terminated and exposed to JCL-001.
Day 5 Zeen, hence forth referred to as JCL-002 has shown growth of spores/infection around mouth and chest.
Day 6 JCL-002 has reanimated and has reacted violent to anything living. It has tried to bite or grab anything it can.
Day 7 JCL-002 has been introduced to subject Sloop. Sloop after being bitten and beaten to near death JCL-002 has ignored subject Sloop. Sloop begins to show signs of infection and is deposited in a bath of acid.

JCL-002 autopsy report.
JCL-002 has bud or core much like JCL-001 in chest cavity which was deposed of via acid.
JCL-002 also has small acid like creature located at base of spine which is unresponsive to stimli. Creature is highly acidic and while “solid” when sliced into two pieces quickly degrades into a viscus slime which becomes inert in 6 hours.

Item#JCL-002 (King in rags)
location:The spires
Containment Unknown. Purposed means of capture? See attached document A.
Description:Tattered garb and many old tarnished rings on each hand. Standing at over 6ft he appears emaciated. Eyes that look deep and old with a unnatural purple/white mix. Speaking in rhyme and a courtly manner when approached. Appears undead but unconfirmed. Appears human but unconfirmed.JCL-002 is normally followed by a group of people forced into his “court”. They dance and sing in a hive like way and the JCL-002 seems to draw power from them. He is protected or surrounded by a arcane feed back field that hurts attackers and defends JCL-002 it seems to only affect melee weapons but not ranged attacks. JLC-002 seems to attack with sound or song as well as a “gaze”.

Purposed Capture or extermination plan.
Firstly subject should be confirmed if it is indeed undead to expand methods of attack. attacking form a distance all of his knaves/subjects should be taken out. Hopefully aggravating JCL-002 into attack. Without verification if JCL-002 is undead this rules out poisons to incapacitate or holy weapons/salves. Using the nature of the spires itself attempts should be made to collapse part of the structure onto JCL-002. Then covered in chemical 45-Tang. Hopefully weaken and immobilize JCL—002 can be subdued.

Object Class:Elliptic Humanoid.
Description: Tall and eloquent woman of a ample build. Wings protruding from her backside. Surrounded in long white downy feathers but accented on her face with black. Lips of crimson and large eyes of solid yellow and small slit black irises. Somewhat alien appearance but aids them in locating food and material from high altitude. Their lips slightly fuller than a human’s as well, though the difference is small.. Legs are thick toned and end with 3 talons.

Capture protocol. Not immune to poisons a sleep poison is to be used in tandem with debilitating poison STR-D4. Then subdued with with a steel net and bounded and chained.

Log supplemental
Sadly the subject whereabouts are currently unknow she is assumed to have fled the spires.

Subject: Harpia harypa or the Harpy Falcon
Details:After several hours of surgey and alchemical treatments the subject will become “human”. Due to some of the regents used this method will not be chosen. The main reasons give is the time and cost. Underling that the team could not find a way to solve the half life of many of the alchemical substances which only allowed for this conversion to last 12 hours.
Subject:Spire surplus Class D persons
Status:Entering stage 1 testing
Details: Due to nature of our goal and the Allowance given subjects were given a diluted dose of my tranformative mutagen. As always this proved voilatile and caused the subject a great deal of pain till the substance passed. Yet the source of this pain was found. In the control test the reasoning was found to be using blood not native to the test subject but the subject must have either realized or laydent magical ablity for the tranformative reaction to acure. While limiting the pain slightly the subject looses a great deal of his normal ablities and in one own view rendered “feeble minded”. But the desired affect of blostering the subjects strength was made. The following test will be with the inbeded carapace.
Beta carapace:The carapace is alchemical beign tumor implanted onto the subject’s backbone. A master stroke for the project it fullfills 3 goals.
1)Lowers cost drastically by producting compounds needed for the subject tranformation as well mood stabilzers beta blockers and pain reducing chemicals. Which also puts the subject into a suggestive state.
2)Renders the subject steril in 87% of those tested.
3)The tumor after a programable amount of time matastasises and stops producing the chemical cocktail. The cancer and withdrawl prove very fatal in all test subjects thus far.
Subjects:Class D perosnel with noted affinity for magic.
status:Stage 2 approval pending
Details:The subjects as stated above are class D with magical affinty. One subject hence forth refered to as D1 is not a trained caster but a innate caster with natural gifts. The D1 was injected with carapace code DX. Thus far subjects injected with DX responded predictably however D1’s variable proved to change the normal out come. While growth and sliming affect are common D1 also gained some alarming addtional traits. D1 gain a calming affect on those exposed to it and D1 was unaturally empathic which could border on telepathic. While the suggestive commands were in place to obey researchers needs D1 would react to commands before verbally commanded. DX does not seem to render subjects feebled in the same manner as SR injections. This alarming given subjects response to commands and willingness to serve.
Subject D2 is much like D1 is not a trained caster. D2 however does not have innate magical ablity instead gained their magical powers from the strict devotion to retracted. D2 likewise manafested addtional features if D1 could be seen as unaturally empathic D2 is the reverse. This researcher finds it hard to dicsribe. D2 seems to have the memeic power to be invisable. Not true visual invisablity but once given a command seems to enter the background of researchers prepection. While aware of D2 researches found it diffcult to discribe his appearance and actions unless exspiltly told to focus on D2.
JCL-Zeta. Another pet project deemed too costly. Subject zeta will be the back bone of Project zeta.
Zeta was a orinna born native from the spires surplus. Very few were recovered but the reaction to compounds DX/STR and CN were amazing. We started with CN in attempt to implant more than one carapace. Due to the health and benfits observed by those implanted by CN. Zeta however recived addtional benfits. He grew 160cm and gained nearly 10kg in mass. His resting heart rate became 144bpm. A blood test discovered a slightly healing factor which prompted addtional testing to see if subject Zeta could host addtional carapace. With each taking hold on zeta and granting him the addtional benfits of BetaD1 and BetaD2. Sadly each implant seemed to affect the mind of Zeta who after the 3rd implant was unable to commucate verbally or understand more complex intructions.

Stage two program
Subjects:Spires surplus with no magical connection
Details: We set out to instill magical blood or essence into subjects with no apparent magical connection. Most of this has been done by other departments under orders of retracted.
The first test were of a caracape transplant resulted in death of too many subjects to be considered profitable. Hence the AAE device was developed.


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