Silas Faulkner

Mad Prophet of the Free Men


A gaunt, frail looking man with a booming voice, Silas Faulkner is the closest thing the Free Men have to a leader. A practitioner of “The Path to Infinite Paths,” Silas seeks out those who wish to be Free Men and cast of their chains of oppression. Charismatic and well-spoken, he has amassed a sizable amount of followers, and is aided by his right-hand woman, Mad Hannah. Silas has been living in the Spires for many years and claims to be an agent of The Anvilmen.

Though getting on in years, Silas is spry and remarkably fit, able to use the Free Men’s iconic hooks to travel the Spires with ease. Silas chooses to go where he pleases though more often than not he mostly stays out of The Red Rats’ territory. Silas hopes that eventually he’ll recruit enough Free Men to purge the corrupt tyrants from society, backed by the power of The Confederated Mercantile League and Dock Workers Union, and until that day comes, he has no problem ridding the Spires of tyrants and slaves.

Silas Faulkner

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