Sellaritil the Sage

Young Araanian with scholarly (and dangerous) pursuits


Sellaritil is thinner and shorter than the average Araanian. He has a brassy coloration.


Sellaritil the Sage, or Silla, is the son of Sellara, the Araanian ambassador to Bastige. Especially interested in history and research, he works as an intern at the Museum of Bastige under his supervisor, Stefan. His work mostly consists of dull cataloging, but recently his attention has turned to the noble bloodlines of the city.

Not content to read books and take notes, Silla ventured into the Undercity to look for clues relating to a particular noble house. On behalf of Sellara, Jack Clemmens sent Terth Valkir, Iskanda Narrah, Julian Clemont, and Terth’s bodyguard Luca da Vale to search for the Sage. Silla, after copying down ancient Bastigian texts from the catacombs, was returned safely to his mother.

He may be romantically tied to Ramona, who also works at the museum.

Sellaritil the Sage

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