Sandrine Babineaux

Headmistress of the Bastigian Academy of Dance


Sandrine’s age is visible in her stern face, but not in her posture – she moves as gracefully as she did in her dancing years. Once the beautiful star of Bastigian stages, she still takes impeccable care of her appearance and is always dressed well, although not at all ostentatiously. Her dark hair is perpetually in a flawless bun.


Sandrine Babineaux was born to minor noble parents, the only daughter among a small herd of sons. In her childhood she received private lessons in the feminine arts, and in particular she enjoyed dance. Her teen years came with countless suitors but she denied them all, interested only in her passion for ballet. Reluctantly, her parents agreed to enroll her in the Bastigian Academy of Dance in the Theater District, and there she flourished into a stunningly skilled and beautiful performer.

Soon she began dancing on stage, starting off as a part of the corps de ballet in smaller, less popular productions. Her talent and immense drive helped her quickly advance to a soloist position, headlining prominent ballets like Edette and Edele, A Thousand Nights, and Bastige’s own Sanguine. Her performances were impressive and powerful, drawing the attention of laymen and nobles alike. Even reclusive members of the royal family called on her for private dances at the palace.

The life expectancy of dancers is, however, brief, and crowds began to dwindle in her mid-thirties. Unwilling to go back to lowly roles, Sandrine outright quit performing and turned her attention towards teaching dance, first as a private tutor and then with the Academy of Dance, where students nicknamed her “the ghost” for her habit of practicing and planning all through the night. As in her dancing career, she rapidly rose the ranks of education, aided by her ambition and enormous work ethic. By her early forties, she became the head of the Academy. Now strictly referred to as Madame Babineaux, she has gained a reputation for unforgiving lessons, and has supplied Bastige with some of its greatest dancers.

Sandrine Babineaux

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