Roland Versille

Anti-slavery Anvilman.


Roland looks to be in his late thirties, and years spent working at the docks has left him somewhat tanned and muscled. His dark brown hair is flecked with gray, and his short-trimmed beard carries a similar coloration. He is taller than average and stands with confidence, and can be an intense conversationalist when worked up – which is often.


Despite being a Bastigian native, Roland is strongly against the city’s system of slavery. He is an active member of the Anvilmen, along with his younger half-brother, Emeric. Roland’s half-sister, Elise Blackwood, is on poorer terms with him.

He and Iskanda Narrah met years ago and became lovers, but grew apart romantically over time. They remain friends and are united against slavery, which they both find abhorrent. His views veer towards the extreme, and he frequently dabbles in theories that could be dubbed by others as mad conspiracies.

Roland Versille

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