Rebecca Pace

A respected and well liked researcher in the field of magic


Rebecca Pace is a 5’6" black-haired and somewhat squat woman. She is a very enthusiastic researcher with a beaming personality to boot.


Rebecca is by all means a very good researcher. Theoretically speaking, her views on magic are astute and beyond a layman’s grasp of understanding. She hopes to publish papers on the classification of magical spells and “schools”, and hypothesizes that Evocation isn’t its own school of magic, but in fact a sub school of Abjuration and Transmutation. She doesn’t see one “source” of magic, but believes that everyone has their own “pool” or reservoir of magic from which to draw from, one which grows with training or use.

She’s filled with confidence and determination in everything she does, and Julian Clemont despises her for it. Not only is she praised for purely theoretical work, she hardly checks her figures before moving on to some new half-formed idea. Most of all, he hates being in Rebecca’s shadow.

Rebecca Pace

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