princess, julians's pride and purrfection made flesh. Apex of cuteness and the only thing julian has been able to bond with.


Julian cares for little in this world and for very few. Yet he cares for Rebe. He has owned Rebe for a year and in that year he has grown to love her.

She is a nearly pure white cat with one spot of black down her right front paw. She has a silken baby blue collar. Attached to that is a gold plate with the name REBE etched across it’s front.

The story of how he came to own rebe is a sad one. He has always had a soft spot for little girls. No matter their apareance they all remind him of his dear sister and that girl was no different. He found her outside his aparment one rainy day soaked to the bone and cold to the touch. She had died in the night. He felt guilty for some reason. He shouldnt blame himself for her death yet he did and he felt guilty about it which left him with emtions he had not needed to face in years. He set out to give her a proper resting place when rebe appeared from under the girl.



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