Professor Armitage

Chair of the Theology Department at The Bastigian Academy of Learned Arts


Professor Armitage stands bent at 5’ 7" despite his middle age, his years of leering over tomes having finally caught up with him, forcing a stoop. His left eye has also begun to fade white with blindness, but the right still shines dark and piercing. Many a first year student, thinking “Introduction to Theology” to be an easy class, has been driven from the lecture hall in tears by the judging gaze of the glowering man. Despite the apparent failure of his body, the man’s mind is as sharp as it was when he was granted his doctorate at the age of 19. Often seen wandering around the Ivy district, the professor has long been a person of interest in Academia since his first published paper on the rise and origin of Azrelia as the patron god of Bastige.


Professor Dante Mersault Armitage the Third was born the second son of the Armitage family, one of the ancient clans that make up the nobility of Bastige. Growing up under the shadow of his older brother, Dante was more or less given free reign to follow his bliss and enter academia. Within a year of achieving his doctorate though, the elder Armitage child was dead and the Professor suddenly found himself heir to the ancient line and the center of attention by the other families. So like any good academic, he hid in his office until Society grew bored with him. Due to the often unorthodox nature of his research and it’s effect on Polite Society in Bastige, Armitage has had his name removed and added from the family will more times than any other potential heir in the last fifty years. Currently he is left out of the will, and as such can happily continue his research un-interrupted.

Professor Armitage

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