Per Columbeux

Private investigator


Columbeux is a short, middle-aged man with a full head of dark hair. He speaks with a commoner’s dialect and moves slowly, almost aimlessly. A tobacco pipe seems to eternally rest on his lips.


Per Columbeux was born and raised in the Anvil District, third son in a military family. He continued that trend by working as a city guard in the ivy, a job that made him witness a great amount of corruption within Bastige. As soon as his allotted service time was up, he returned to the People’s Quarter and, much to the extreme disappointment of his parents and siblings, joined the ranks of the Anvilmen. There, he put his talents to use as an investigator and strategist for the guild.

As the years passed, so did his patience with the more radical members of the the faction. Internal disagreements drove him to abandon his post, although he did remain on good terms with a sizeable group. Dissatisfaction with the state of Bastige in general brought about his “wanderlust era” as he calls it, during which he left the city and travelled about neighboring lands. He generally does not reference details from this period, referring to it simply as a youthful phase.

Upon his return, Columbeux found little affection from his family (and their funds). Pulling from his past as a guard and Anvilmen, he opted to hire himself out as a private investigator. His old guild, under new leadership, quickly became one of his largest clients. A disheveled appearance that betrays his intellect paired with experience dealing with every type of person imaginable makes him a superb, if very humble, detective.

Per Columbeux

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