Mistress Frost

Unsavory cult leader


Frost is a tall woman, likely in her thirties, with long dark hair and a taste for fine, form-fitting clothing. She frequently looks displeased but has a flair for theatrics.


Mistress Frost, as she insists on being called, is the head of a small sect of magic-oriented Azrelia worshipers in the Temple District. Likely chased out of the Rose by more conventional believers, Frost and her cult prefer to follow an alternate form of the Mother of None, and she encourages her underlings to go by their “true” names, insisting that their birthnames are merely aliases. It is unknown whether Frost is her name by birth or by choosing.

Frost tends to target girls in their teens, promising them fantastic powers in return for their undying loyalty. That loyalty often takes the form of attacking her critics, stealing from other churches, and defacing properties. Frost herself does indeed have some level of magic affinity, but the amount that she teaches to her ‘servants’ is questionable.

Recently, Frost has gained further infamy after one of her underlings, Marcelline Armisted (aka Black Leaf), disappeared from the city. The only sign of her fate was a cryptic note left for her friend and fellow cult member Debora Blanc: “It’s my fault Black Leaf died. I can’t face life alone!” Blanc has reported the disappearance to authorities but thus far, Frost has been uncooperative.

Mistress Frost

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