Lord Touiours The long.

The folklore lord of the crown district


Lord touiours is a man describe as being in his mid 50s and of somewhat large build. He has plump face and rose cheeks. He is seen as a joyful man who is seen as very ggenerous. He dresses in a very out dated manner but very well. His clothes are of finest silks and studded with many gems and inlined with gold. He refuses to pay for any service in coin but instead in raw gems or bars of gold.
While easily spotted by his clothes he only refers to himself as in false names. Hence he has been given the name Lord touiours. It is told he has many wonderous powers but only one thing seems true a figure fitting his description is speckled across bastieges history.


He has been said to have discovered the means to product rare metals and gems through magic and the secret of eternal youth.

Lord Touiours The long.

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