"Stinky" Peter, Hobo Lord of the Docks

Self proclaimed Lord of the Hobos


Often seen along and under the docks of the Barge District, the fellow known only as Peter, and affectionately as “His Lord Stinky” rules the transient population of the district with a wool-gloved fist. Hunched in a heavy jacket, even in the middle of winter, he leers out at passerbys with a single eye. His clothes have long ago been soiled brown, and are ill fitting to boot. Still, every day he can be found to hold “court” on whatever pile of boxes have been left on the Long Pier of the wharf where he tells fortunes, hassles any noble looking sorts, and directs the homeless population who come to him for advice. A stench of rotting seaweed and raw sewage seems to follow him everywhere.


Not much is know about the history of ol’ Pete. Some say he is an old soldier, returned from some forgotten crusade and left to mill about on his pension. Others say he was born fully formed from a cesspool at the south end of the district. Either way Stinky Pete is a colorful character who brings a certain something to the docks of the Barge district.

What can be said is that he does have sway with the local homeless population, with many of them coming to him for advice or help in their day to day lives. And statistically speaking, a fortune given by him has a slightly higher chance of coming true than any other fortune told in the district.

Many of the stevedores who work in the district will consult him before ships leave or arrive in port and a few fortunes have been lost or made on the words of this itinerant King. Fresh recruits to the city guard, looking to make an easy bust for themselves, have often found their lives in shambles (or worse) after attempting to book the Lord and so these days, he is mostly left to his own ramblings on the docks.

"Stinky" Peter, Hobo Lord of the Docks

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