Katalin Sauvageon

Foreign founder of Sauvageon and Sons winery.


Katalin is an older woman with dark, graying hair. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in social presence; she is a master of controlling her emotions and can alternate between meek and intimidating as necessary, making her an excellent negotiator.

She generally wears heavy layers of clothing, as she finds Bastige much too cold throughout most of the year compared to her native Bashara. A finely-crafted cane aids her in walking, and her limp remains visible despite her best efforts to mask it.


Katalin Sauvageon (née Rosal) was born in the city states of Bashara, third child (and second daughter) to winemakers Matthia and Katlin. She grew up relatively comfortably as part of the merchant class and was instructed in languages, mathematics, and business. At age 15, she caught the eye of Bastigian artist Dorian Sauvageon, who at the time was working on a series of paintings of foreign lands. Dorian soon requested her hand in marriage, and Katalin’s parents sent her to her new life in Bastige’s Spice District.

At first intimidated by the city, Katalin quickly learned the social manners required for a foreigner’s survival. She aided her husband with accounting throughout her first pregnancy, and once she had recovered from the birth of her first son and the symphysiotomy that made it possible, she asked Dorian to set aside funds for a minor winemaking endeavor.

Decades (and another six sons) later, Sauvageon and Sons is an immensely popular winery, supplying spiced wine to many of the restaurants and bars throughout the Peoples and Silk Quarters. Her late husband’s artwork and calligraphy adorn the bottle labels and her sons aid her in running the winery. Profits are high courtesy of Katalin’s ruthless negotiation and excellent money management, as well as her connections in Bashara; she is able to get the spices used in her wines at a low cost. Katalin, able to create a business and have it last after Dorian’s death, is herself somewhat of a symbol for the lofty goal of foreign acceptance in Bastige.

Katalin Sauvageon

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