Jimmeno "Jimmy" Vendeur

Orphan turned Merchant's Apprentice, slain in The Anarchist's Riots


Jimmeno, or more commonly Jimmy, is in his mid teens, with dark hair and an expression that mixes between fear and awe at the world. He is sharp with numbers and strong willed when it comes to bending the will of those younger than him.


An orphan once under the tutelage of the Sisters of Her Lady Justice, his fortunes have recently turned around as he has recently come under the wing of Terth Valkir. The oldest of three brothers, he is the sole survivor of a family of traders that perished in a plague that passed through the east docks district of the People’s Quarter a decade ago.

Tragically, after months of loyal service to Terth, Jimmeno met his end during the riots that followed Gerard Michelle’s death. According to Arsene Cook, Jimmy died while defending Terth’s shop from looters; the entire group was scorched to ash by government spellcasters.

Jimmeno "Jimmy" Vendeur

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