Jean-Pierre Dupont

Ruthless owner of the Royal Parlour.


Somewhat shorter and pudgier than his twin Deniel, Jean-Pierre shares similar features: a large nose, square jaw, and thick brow. He keeps his dark hair neatly parted and wears a well-groomed mustache. Always excellently dressed in Bastigian garments, he carries a cane topped with a large amethyst and is fond of feathered hats.


Jean-Pierre Dupont was born in the Bridge District to relatively poor parents, but his intellect and manipulative charm – and Deniel’s supporting brute strength – made his childhood an easy one. As teens they joined the Devil’s Laugh, which allowed their thirst for sadism to rise unchecked. With coin from various criminal activities, and with the help of his brother’s finger-breaking skills, Jean-Pierre gained ownership of the struggling Rose Den brothel at a low price. He immediately set about rebranding it as the Royal Parlour, adorned in the purple hue of the Devil’s Laugh, and acquired talented prostitutes as employees. His methods of “hiring” are at best questionable, but few are willing to face the consequences of doing such questioning.

Jean-Pierre Dupont

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