James Vine

A lazy cop, but a good man.


James Vine and Julian Clemont were once members of the same street gang. (Granted, that is a very strong word to call a bunch of children who would steal, deface, and generally be a public nuisance.) Some members found help in a community troubled youth program while others fell between the cracks of great Bastige.

James Vine isn’t a bad cop, but he is most certainly isn’t a good one. For criminals, he is the best kind of officer of the law: lazy and slightly dim. While a crooked cop would require bribes and coercion, a lazy cop needs only to exist. His view of police work can be summed up as such:
James Vine stood diligently at his post eating a dried sausage and bit of cheese for his late night “lunch” when he heard a scream fill the night air. Sighing, he finished his meal and strolled in the direction of the scream.

James Vine

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