James Lee Pilchard

A kind shopkeep who serves as mediator to members of Bastige's underworld.


A the door swings in and the sound of a brass bell rings above your head. You close the door behind you and the gentle swell of the street gives way to the subtle softness of the old shop.
Dust dances in the beams of light that stream in through dirty windows and between stacks of old knickknacks. An old man stands behind the counter and looks up from his reading, giving you a gentle smile.

Large glassess sit at the edge of his nose and white hair flies in every direction from his head. He wears an old sweater on a new shirt. He opens his mouth and a soft voice like old leather comes out.

“Hello there sir, how may I be of service today?”


James Lee Pilchard is a nice guy. There is not a single person in the Whisper district who has a bad thing to say about him. Outsiders imagine that this is because he is actually the head of the Devil’s Laugh, and has intimidated the entire area into silence. But the truth is he cares about the people of the district. He entertains kids that wander in off the street (and always has a sweet or two for them), he buys and sells at fair prices, and he helps organize many of the parades and charities for those less fortunate in the neighborhood. Once, a few years ago, a hooligan threw a brick through his storefront window during a gladiator tournament riot, a few days later the man who had thrown the brick showed up on Mr Pilchard’s doorstep with a bag of gold offering to fix the window, saying he hadn’t realized who’s shop he was in front of.

James Lee Pilchard is also a mediator for the underworld in Bastige. The Devil’s Laugh, minor theives guilds, and the occasional out of towner. If a thief or a thug has business with another, it’s done under the eye of Mr. Pilchard. Some even say he’s the only honest man in the Whisper, although he would humbly deny it.

James Lee Pilchard

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