Mysterious Teenager of the Library


A tiny, feral looking teenage girl with solid black eyes, not much is currently known about Girl. She claims to have lived in The Spires her whole life. Just from looking at her and her scars, it is clear that this young girl has seen too much in her short lifetime.


Girl considers the Library her home, where she lives with a great, otherworldly, snakelike creature whom she calls her friend.

Deeply protective of the Library, she is easily disturbed by any strangers who enter, using dark magic to blot out unwanted lights and hurt undesirable intruders. Girl especially dislikes weaponry (or anything that looks like a weapon, such as a crowbar). She is fond of reading, and is currently studying the steps to “free” her friend, who is connected somehow with the Plane of Dreams and Nightmares. She speaks in some form of aethertongue when nervous or scared, but can converse in common Verasin when calm.


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