Gabriel Valequez

Farmer's Market Pit Boss


Gabriel came to the outskirts of Bastige ten years ago serving as a migrant worker picking and harvesting at the various farms outside the city. Now he’s worked his way up to be an assistant manager at the Hameau de la Mer farms south of the city and is responsible for the tri-weekly shipments of crops the farm sends to be sold in Bastige. Originally selling closer to the center of town in the area where Terth’s old stall was, he approached Terth after noticing the construction occurring at the Old South Fort. In exchange for his help organizing and managing the farmer’s markets that occur under his watch, he is given his own share of the profits. Both being foreigners to Bastige who have worked their way up in life with good business acumen, the two have grown a strong respect for each other.


Gabriel Valequez

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