Emeric Versille


Emeric is of average height and build and appears to be about thirty, with short brown hair that has not yet begun to gray. He walks with a limp and generally looks upbeat.


Born in Bastige to an aging alcoholic father and a careless young mother, Emeric and his twin sister Elise were essentially raised by their older half-brother Roland. He eventually joined Roland to work at the docks with the Anvilmen, and they have remained close, despite bumps along the way. Most notably, one of his half-brother’s many revolutionary schemes led to Emeric freeing a group of slaves from a ship that had recently arrived in port. While successful, the undertaking ended with his right leg being badly injured during the escape.

He cares deeply for Elise and her children, and spends much of his free time with them.

Emeric Versille

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