Ecurio Vilero

Eclectic ex-adventurer


Ecurio is an elderly man but maintains an excited vigor matched surpassed by few. He stands just under 6 feet with an average build and has excellent posture. Once-dark hair is now white, and wrinkles, age spots, and a well-trimmed beard decorate his face. He tends to wear formal clothing, although the origin of his garments varies from day to day. Dramatic hand gestures are a common occurrence.


Ecurio Vilero was born in Bashara to a merchant couple. A taste for travel was developed early in life, and he set off in his late teens to explore. His journeys took him across the continent, beyond, then back, and he is still eager to share tales.

According to his stories, he seduced a princess of a tribe in Hyrindell, and the next morning dressed in warrior’s garb to sneak by the suspicious queen, whom he also ended up wooing the next night. The following year, he was imprisoned by, served as an understudy to, and finally temporarily replaced the Dread Pirate Roberaht (actually just a title and reputation carried across many individuals). In Thesh, he punched a giant cat into submission and later rode it through the jungle while escaping from a group of rival treasure hunters.

Over his lifetime, Ecurio amassed an enormous amount of relics from various lands and wealth from innumerable undertakings. Unwilling to return to Bashara due to an unstable political landscape, he wound up in Bastige on the advice of his son Ignacio, also an avid explorer. At first he was unsure of the city, but eventually decided to stay to spite the xenophobic population. He wished to share his travels in the form of a museum and was repeatedly denied by the Bastigian Society of Culture, then had success with a business permit and opened [[Ecurio’s Emporium of Wonders from Near and Far | Ecurio’s Emporium of Wonders from Near and Far]].

Ecurio Vilero

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