Deniel Dupont

Savage beast.


Deniel is a man of ample height and musculature, topped with a brutish-looking head. His unkempt hair and dull expression contrasts against his well-starched high-collared coat, and some wonder if he receives guidance in his dress from those with more fashionable tastes. They would, however, never air such thoughts in front of him; his intimidating posture is enough to keep all but the most courageous (or stupid) silent.


Deniel Dupont is one half of the Dupont duo, the other being his twin brother Jean-Pierre. Born in the Bridge District to low-class parents, the two now make their home in the Whisper District, where they run a very successful brothel, the Royal Parlour.

Deniel was born with a great deal of brawn and little brain, but put his talents to use from a young age by beating on all who opposed him. He and his brother became heavily involved with the Devil’s Laugh in their teens, essentially granting them immunity from the law for most crimes they committed. When Jean-Pierre expressed interest in buying a failing whorehouse, Deniel was all too eager to help him by defacing their street-walking competition. He now works as an all-purpose bodyguard, hitman, and enforcer; the girls under his “care” quickly learn to pay up when he demands it.

Deniel Dupont

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