Baptiste Rosseau


With a slightly dark complexion and broad features that make him stand out, Baptiste attempts to compensate by adorning himself in the latest fashions of Bastige. He is also quite fond of Bastigian feasts, which is apparent in his ample weight. He wears a great deal of jewelry, uses a monocle, and carries a highly-decorated cane.


Baptiste is noticeably foreign but has embedded himself fully into the culture of Bastige. When confronted about his past, he immediately attempts to change the subject. His original name is only accessible in the city archives, as he has worked to erase any other mentions of his previous self.

He has made a show of embodying what he considers to be Bastigian: wealthy, anti-foreigner, pro-slavery, devoted to Azrelia, and as arrogant as possible. His riches stem from his role as a landlord, primarily in low-income immigrant-heavy areas of the city. He views – and treats – his tenants as scum, locking them into poor housing conditions and forcing them to pay outrageous fees. Baptiste’s practices have recently caught the attention of Iskanda Narrah, who sees him as a dangerous leech.

Baptiste Rosseau

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