AOA-0125 or JCL-010 subname (Arika)

A coiled spring of violence.


Additional letter as supplied by syndic former member of the order[withheld]

I’m making it a point of record we shouldn’t let him talk to that thing. People died last time we let that thing out. It won’t ever really be cooperative and he’s a fool to think otherwise. Your all insane and i wash my hands of this.

Name:JCL-010 or AOA-0115
location:High security floor of the Arcane order.
Containment: It is critical that AOA-0115 JCL-010 is kept locked away in AOA-0115_A JCL-010_1. AOA-0115 is to be kept in its own security block at the end of said block. The block will be a A 100m “Murder hole.” Staffed by up to no less than 5 guards at any given time one of which must be a senior member of lvl 5 ..clearance. The block its self is armed with an array of traps and other more disagreeable subjects slotted for for termination. AOA-0115 must be challenged or engaged in some way or it will result in a rage state which makes terminating AOA-0115 difficult. periods between “rage states” seem fluid in nature with no apparent pattern.
Description: A0A-0115 appears to be – A physically idealized Araani. Coloring is gold bronze with mat white eyes mottled with black. Across AOA-0115 body is flawless besides one brand across its back in which appears to be a character unknown to the order but ascetically similar to Araani characters. The brand itself appears embossed rather than scarred or burned into the flesh of A0A-0115.

Physical abilities and anomalous properties.
A0A-0115 seems to understand any langue spoken to him and will converse at a native level back to the speaker but mostly prefers speaking in high Araanian regardless of the speakers understanding.
Clear 60ft in 6 secs
Swat blots and arrows mid air with a weapon.
See past magical and mundane darkness as well as illusory affects
If Slain A0A-0115’s flesh quickly begins to degrade making any inspection of his anatomy near impossible.
The ability to withstand damage that would terminate most people including but not limited to.
Spear wound through the center mass of the chest.
Survived 40mins without oxygen
The loss of nearly half its body from related containment traps, was still able to advance unhindered for 1min killing half the guarding staff.

AOA-0115-A was the suit of armor AOA-0115 was found in off Rosewater bay. If slain A0A-0115 will regenerate in this armor. If the armor is not placed together A0A-0115 will regenerate only inside the breastplate. Growing the rest of the armor in the form leather if slain this armor degrades similar to A0A-0115’s flesh. Trying to contain the armor itself in a area to small for A0A-0115 to grow has so far resulted blast similar to fire melting or burning a area large enough for A0A-0115 to grow.

Interview log JCL
Dr.Clemont: good morning A0A-0115, would you prefer to be called something else?
Dr.Clemont:We can put you back into solitary if you prefer.
A0A-0115 brings his shackles taunt
A0A-0115:You bore me and worse you threaten . You have no idea who i am.
Dr:Clemont:You’re A0A-0115 unless you tell me otherwise.

  • silence*
    Dr.Clemont:Well if theres nothing you-
    A0A-0115: They named me Arika.
    Dr.Clemont:Good..Good Who named you.
    Arika:I am not allowed to say such things to the enemy.
    Dr.Clemont: What makes me an enemy
    Arika:You are of Corendall.
    Dr.Clemont: Flattering and nearly correct. But you seem to be fighting a war that ended long ago.
    Arika: As long as i fight the war is not over.

Log 002
Dr.Clemont: So where we. Ah yes war. So who can order you to stand down. Who can we return you too.
Arika: you would do no such thing and are only trying to gather more information.
Dr.Clemont: Correct. Well.. mostly correct. If we could trade you for information or something of value im sure.
Arika: What is your name?
Dr.Clemont: Does tell you my name give you any power over me?
Arika: Coward
Dr:Clemont: My name is Extracted. Now tell me why.
Arika: Its only polite.
Log 3
Dr.Clemont:Morning arika i trust you found those …people.. enough to take the edge off?
Arika:No, but the gesture is noted. Even the rush of escape Is losing its challenge.
Dr.Clemont:Yet you havent gotten as far as the door of block B yet.
Arika:Do you hunt?
Dr.Clemont:No i have never hunted an animal. Why?
Arika: Then maybe you would never understand the thrill of using a spear to kill a deer over a bow.
Dr.Clemont: Am i supposed to think you’ve been pulling your punches with us?
Arika:No but you havent been making it harder to get to out either.
request to increase secruity on subject waiting approval

log 4
Dr.Clemont:Why do you feel the need to kill?
Arika:Why do wolves eat meat rather than grass. Because they arnt sheep.
Dr.Clemont:You said that line before. Did it sound witty the first time? Don’t give me nonanwsers or we could make-
Arika:You ask foolish questions. I kill to fullfill my perpose. I was meant to kill.


AOA-0125 or JCL-010 subname (Arika)

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