Anthony Lembrose

Royal Art Patron


A tall,lanky man with a shaved head and a finely kept mustache. He is seen wearing flamboyant, flashy fashions that are a year ahead of their time. He is seen as a top trendsetter and he knows it.

However, fashion isn’t his main concern. He has designers to worry about that for him. His job is to visit the various museums in their proper district and deem which, if any, artists have earned royal patronage. Those who do are hoisted to the top of the art world and all those in the past who have earned such a high honor, have lived a prosperous life thereafter.

His own interests lie in architecture. His own estate is in a constant state of having one part or another demolished and rebuilt. Over time something will fail to meet his expectations and he’ll hire a new crew to enact his new vision.

Workers say that his home has become a sort of labyrinth over time, and on more than one occasion they have become disorientated inside and got lost for hours.


Anthony Lembrose

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