Alex Vidal


Alex Vidal proudly wears a well-groomed mustache and beard. He is equipped with a sword of the [x] agency as well as a pistol; the latter is kept hidden under his coat at all times while he’s in Bastige.


Alex is a member of [x], an organization of bounty hunters with a base of operations in Varselon. Along with a few others, he was sent to Bastige to track down Roland Versille after the murder of Gerard Michelle.

While following Roland and Luca da Vale, Alex was lured into an alleyway by Luca, who knocked him out with a club. Luca stole Alex’s sword, propped him up against a building, and fired his gun to draw attention to the scene. Citizens found and assaulted Alex before he was dragged away by the authorities, and he spent some time in holding before his superior argued for his release.

Alex Vidal

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