The Glory of Bastige

What is best in life?

Or, what sweet gear do you want?

Homework: Post a list of three items your character would like to own at some point. These items could be upgrades to your current gear or brand new items entirely. Please post them on the Obsidian Portal by Wednesday August 27th if you want Prestige.


  1. Well-crafted scalemail or chainmail that she could wear underneath a coat, or a lighter, more subtle armor enchanted to provide greater protection.
  2. A shield emblazoned with Her Lady Justice’s emblem. Based on a celestial shield or something similar.
  3. A gift from the people. Vague, yes – can be anything.


  1. To crush his enemies. To split bone and blood. Torture in fighting. Id like julian to be able to use his medical knowlege to inflict great nonlethal pain.
  2. An item that allows me to share spells or buff others much like the one i emailed you.This could also be an upgrade to my mixture vail.
  3. blood curse/blood magic related hijinx.


  1. Bloodlust (this would be a made up power) or Keen Khopesh
  2. Magic items of protection (rings, bracers, etc.) – heirlooms stolen from him when he was put into servitude, we can flesh out the stories on these if you want
  3. Sash of flowing water

Terth (is bad and terrible)

  1. A piece of jewellery or trinket that creates an aura that deflects projectiles (or at least mitigates their effect)
  2. Some dirt on Pierre Bontoole
  3. A boat


RobHilferty greatbacon

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