The Glory of Bastige

Varselonian Sourge Found Walking Through Bastigian Streets

Foreign Blood Stains

Yesterday morning around 10am, around the same time as the harpy sighting, a terrifyingly foreign sound was heard in the People’s quarter. It was a sound normally only heard in the debased Varselon city. The sound of a gun.

I was on the scene moments after the shot rang out. Propped up outside, against the alleyway wall of local merchant, Pierre Bontoole’s, shop was the fiendish, Varselonian man, Alex ?. A man only allowed within our great city by his affiliation with the foreign ? agency.

Many in the area had rushed to investigate the source of the sound they heard. At first most kept their distance from the staggered man. His hair was reddened and caked in blood from a head wound he had received. No doubt from some brave, noble Bastigian before being scared away by the gunshot. Someone shouted “He’s got a gun!”, and the next moments consisted only of chaos.

Some ran away, some ran to get guards, and the rest descended upon the invader in a righteous wrath that would make Azrelia proud. It took 10 guards to pull the mob off of Alex. In the aftermath he was left almost lifeless, suffering countless bruises and cuts. I was close enough to hear what excuses he was muttering.

“Roland, it’s Roland. You have to let me get him.”, he kept repeating over and over again. “You don’t understand, its my job. I’m allowed to hunt him.” The guards, displaying their fine Bastigian training, didn’t listen to any of this ranting. He was taken to the local stockades and placed under watch.

That afternoon the chief of the ??? agency talked with the captain of the guard to negotiate Alex’s release. It is unknown what the details for this deal was, but Alex is now free to roam our streets again. How could our leaders allow such a foul agency of bounty hunters to exist with our grand city? Who’s to say their aren’t dozens or hundreds of such men in our neighborhoods? I, for one, will be taking every precaution to ensure the safety of myself, my family, any upstanding Bastigian citizens around me from this foreign menace.


RobHilferty cdetlef23

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