The Glory of Bastige

The Lady Cries Black, The Priest Laughs Red: Wardrobe

Gotta dress up nice before we all get murdered!

You’ve been given a character to play in “The Lady Cries Black, The Priest Laughs Red”, describe in full detail the costume (illusion make-up included) your character is dressed in. Describe which parts are your own doing an which are left to the designers. Give me detail!


After Iskanda’s initial requests for the seamstresses, makeup artists, and illustionists to make the Mother of None look like “an enormous, evil bitch” were turned down, the justicar spent time researching her options.

For the play, Azrelia is a tall, slim – nearly gaunt – woman, pale as moonlight with flawless skin, reddened lips, sharp brows, and dramatic eyeliner. Her hair is dark red, nearly black, tied back in a tight bun (although if dropped at any point during the performance, it falls past her shoulders in voluminous loose waves, a feature suggested by one of the ladies backstage). Her fingernails are long and sharp and, per Iskanda’s brainstorming, a blood-red ombre begins at her fingertips and fades up to her elbows. She insisted that the goddess appear barefoot with the same gradient from her toes to her knees.

The seamstresses handled the dress, for the most part: a long, layered sleeveless gown with a wrap-style bodice that flows gracefully with each step. Iskanda bypassed their color choices, however; rather than red, the dress is pale, similar to her skin, and crimson rises up from the bottom hem as if she’d stepped in blood. The red tone comes to an end at the base of her stomach where a red sash is tied in reference to her womb, once torn open to rip out the Faceless.

Accessories were selected with the help of the designers. A dramatic black choker sits around her neck, embellished with rubies and garnet made to look like thorns. Earrings mirror the design, red stones dangling down from her lobes. A cowl was suggested to draw the audience’s eye to Azrelia’s shoulders, but Iskanda chose to pay homage to the goddess’s whip with a stiff black leather-and-metal ‘rope’ that coils up her forearms and rests across her exposed shoulder blades. She carries a staff of similar material, sharp at the base to serve as a sword.

The Friend

As you approach the door to the dressing rooms, it suddenly bursts open and a harried looking assistant rushes out. You peer inside and see a large, dark skin man sitting in a corner. Between heavy browns and sagging jowls sit small, grey eyes accented with a dark eyeliner.He holds a folio of papers in his hands, deftly shuffling them back and forth in spite of his sausage-like fingers and the heavy gold rings set with diamonds, rubies, and onyx that adorn them.His lips, thin and moving as they whisper lines under the mans breath, are colored a dark crimson to compliment his skinAn empty tankard sits on the table next to him, a desiccated slice of lemon resting at the bottom.

He looks up at you and voice of Terth echoes forth like that of someone trapped at the bottom of a padded well.“Oh it’s you, please come in, you’re letting the draft in. Oh, them, yeah, I just sent them out for some more jasmine and ironbark tea, it makes your voice drop an octave when you drink enough, but it’s starting to wear off… as I’m sure you can tell.”
His outfit is a simple, open vest and loose trousers, bleached the purest white and trimmed with gold and crimson.Standing up to greet you, the sound of numerous gold and silver chains and amulets clanking fills the room.He feet fill red slippers almost to the point of bursting. “It’s amazing what you can do with some leather padding and a glamour eh?”

He walks over to a table and picks up some small brown paper wrapped packets and stuffs some in his pocket and some inside his chest, the air shimmers as he reaches past the glamour to the padded suit. He winks “blood packs, had them made special. Anyway, I have a rehearsal to get to, I’ll see you around” On his way out he picks up a staff which if you know anything about weapons (you do) looks very much like it has a blade hidden in it. As leaves the room and turns down the hallway you hear him shout “dammit Francois, where’s that tea?”

High Priest

Julian requested to look like a young man blonde crewcut. His face stern and frown lines betraying his age set at end a strong chin. He wants eyes bright and blue. He should be tall and broad with muscles hidden under a robes of white and gold. The robes outwardly show silk cloth of white and underneath a fine chain mail glamoured gold. A spiked thurible filled with smoke sticks. The other a staff of iron tipped with garnet. In the inside of his robes our his components and containers for his mutagens are kept much like his enlarged coat inner pockets. The robes were made by others but julian treated them with a enzyme that when mix with his blood turn the robes red and black.

He is unsure if he should bring a whip or a warhammer so he left the choice to others.

The Lover

I already know what I want my costume to look like. A pure black, silk open front petticoat and matching long skirt that is sewn into by the waist with maroon red thread that will dance around ever so slightly as I move. The overgown will be what is on display. Mainly crimson red velvet. The embroidery will be the shadows of roses with twisting interconnected stems and sparse leaves. When the light catches them just right they’ll shine like spilled blood.

This gown will be edged black frills on the sleeves and around the front opening. The frills on the front will resemble falling rose petals. When I move they will appear to be in motion, cascading to the floor but leaving nothing behind.

To complete it I will be wearing a rose gold choker with a tear drop ruby. "


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