The Glory of Bastige

The Day of Blood and Roses

The Adventure Continues...

As the suns rises over the glorious metropolis of Bastige a festive mood takes hold. Citizens are giddy with the coming of another Day of Blood and Roses, ready to celebrate their goddess Azrelia, Mother of None, coming into power and casting out the blasphemous followers of Thune. Though still summer the air seems crisp and lacks the oppressive humidity of previous months.

The people of the Towers have wreathes of bramble and rose hung throughout the quarter and are dressing in their finest regalia to celebrate this most auspicious day. In the People’s quarter the merchants ready themselves for a busy day of revelry, peddling their most patriotic of Bastigian wares, while the laborers enjoy a day of drink and relaxation. In the Silk, the Devil’s Laugh have major events planned in anticipation of the more welcomed atmosphere of mirth. In the morning, before the parade, at the Exalted Coliseum, there is to be a reenactment of the Battle of Tempest where the first Azrelian Sorcerer King drove back the Araanian armada. After the parade, a rendition of “The Red Lady’s Kiss” shall be performed at Queen Azcadelia VIII’s Royal Opera House.

In the Steeples, a noticeable melancholy hangs in the air. The priests of All Father Thune sit in solemn prayer among the crowded pews of the Clockwork Basilica. The civil servants of the Bastigian government who typically haunt the holy temple leave the faithful in place of festivity, adding to the tomb like atmosphere. On the streets, the evangelists, preachers and heralds to the numerous gods of Verasin fall silent, for they know that this day, above all others, belongs to the Mother of None.
Here we go folks, the Day of Blood and Roses! While Julien, Terth and Iskanda investigate the alleged plague we’ll have anything else go here or perhaps another appropriate thread.


does that mean we can’t post both?

The Day of Blood and Roses

If you wrap up the investigation with Jimmy quickly, it’s still early morning.

The Day of Blood and Roses
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