The Glory of Bastige

Research notes, JCL-001

Containment Procedures: JCL-001 is to be kept slightly moist with a mister can. A solution of 80% and 20% solvent #87(PH.07). RH should be at 70-85 degrees. Handling JCL-001 must be done with gloves and a mask. After interacting with jcl-001 you must be scrub with a acidic solution at a tempter of 135 degrees for 2mins. Any signs of infection must be reported to Dr.Clemont.
Signs include coughing, sneezing, baggy eyes shortness of breath and low fever.

Description: JCL-001 is a Green bulb resembling that in shape of similar to a heart. Tho in no means identical. A slight simmer is seen across is surface. Which is linked to the magical school illusion. Otherwise the mold itself is in appearance like that of Rhizopus lipism.
The blub has the beginnings of a flower like bud which is yellow and orange. Weights about

Test subject Ibiblio.
Test subject has been infected (Presumably) for 14 days. Cough and sunken eyes apparent.
No outward signs of magical infection or change in demeanor like that experience in the spires.

Test Subject: Zeen
Zeen is exposed to fungus day 1.
Zeen is showing signs of infection moments after being exposed. All signs are nearly identical to subject Ibiblio.
Zeen has professed tiredness and feeling hot.
day 4 no change in subject in the necessity of time Zeen has been terminated and exposed to JCL-001.
Day 5 Zeen, hence forth referred to as JCL-002 has shown growth of spores/infection around mouth and chest.
Day 6 JCL-002 has reanimated and has reacted violent to anything living. It has tried to bite or grab anything it can.
Day 7 JCL-002 has been introduced to subject Sloop. Sloop after being bitten and beaten to near death JCL-002 has ignored subject Sloop. Sloop begins to show signs of infection and is deposited in a bath of acid.

JCL-002 autopsy report.
JCL-002 has bud or core much like JCL-001 in chest cavity which was deposed of via acid.
JCL-002 also has small acid like creature located at base of spine which is unresponsive to stimli. Creature is highly acidic and while “solid” when sliced into two pieces quickly degrades into a viscus slime which becomes inert in 6 hours.


RobHilferty moshmuth

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