The Glory of Bastige

Local Legends Launch Lagging Location

-by Émile Zola.

Bridge District, Bastige
The Bridge District. Once a phrase used to denote the life and types of those who, the floating detritus of our society, washed up on it’s shores. Beggars, homeless, thieves, and worthless foreigners often found themselves living in this squalor filled district.

Hiding under bridges or high amongst the ruins of the Spires, for who knows how long the area around the Grand Bridge and Spires have been a hive of scum and villainy. But now thanks to the efforts of some of Bastige’s local hero’s and politicians, this part of the city is once again becoming livable for the rest of us.

In particular the driving force behind this urban renewal project has been one Jack Clemmens. Many of you may recognize him as one of the candidates in the upcoming parliamentary election creeping up on us. However, in addition to his political aspirations, Jack has also revealed his civic minded nature as well in this project.

Often seen working at soup kitchens in the Towers in his time off, this renewal project has seen the standard of living the Bridge district rise substantially over the last few months, as well as numerous construction, retail, and other jobs as new life flourishes in the area.

While the effort to revitalize the Bridge district has been lead by Jack, much of the ground work has been handled by a small group of local heroes originally know for their work in apprehending the civic terrorists from the early summer attacks. Terth Valkir, Iskanda Narrah, and Julian Clemont have been instrumental in helping see the Bridge district, and specifically the once blighted towers known as the Spires, rebound into a new a prosperous district for the mighty city of Bastige.


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