The Glory of Bastige


Fiend flies free in Bridge District.

harpy.jpg A foul monster that had been banished from the Spires by upstanding landlord Mr. Geralt Argent has returned.

The harpy was spotted in the sky mid-morning yesterday above the People’s Quarter. It soared aimlessly for some time, then turned towards the Spires after being shot at with arrows and bolts. As of press time, just over sixty courageous citizens and members of the military had stepped forward to say that they had fired upon the beast.

“I was up in the Bridge getting my hunting crossbow re-strung when I saw that thing,” said Mr. Paul Rene of the Theater District. “Just stepped out of the fletcher’s and there it was. I did what any good Bastigian would do and had at it, and saw it fall towards the Spires.”

Men and women rushed up the steps of the towers, hoping to take down the creature once and for all. Those first to the rooftops caught a glimpse of it but were unable to get close before it plummeted off of the roof. Witness accounts of the disappearance are conflicting and the harpy has not yet been found.

According to Miss Danielle Garnier, who was working at the the Higher Grounds Cafe at the base of the Spires, the monster fled quickly. “It was horrible! All I saw were its wings as it dove off. They were all red – I think it was covered in blood. Oh gods, I hope it was all its own. Just the most hideous thing.”

No injuries were reported other than a young woman fainting upon sight of the beast.

The Spires, once a crumbling ruin that only housed criminals and crooks, had recently been revitalized through the efforts of Mr. Argent and parliamentary candidate Mr. Jack Clemmens. Mr. Clemmens was unavailable for comment immediately following the event, but Mr. Argent appeared on the scene soon after the harpy fled.

“Safety is my utmost concern for the fine tenants of the Spires,” said Mr. Argent. “I assure the people of the Bridge District, and of Bastige as a whole, that this will not happen again. Jack Clemmens has provided us with a powerful warding system for the rooftops, which should be fully in place within a month once cleanup and construction of the higher floors has been completed.”

Curious crowds lingered long after the creature disappeared, hoping for a second sighting. Most agreed that they had in fact spotted a harpy, although there were one or two dissenting opinions.

“Wasn’t no harpy! Was a man with wings!” claimed a foreign bystander, but his mad theory was quickly drowned out by sensible Bastigian eyewitnesses.

“There’s only one thing that looks like that, and that’s a harpy,” said Mr. Jean Moreau, who had recently purchased land in the Bridge District. “I know it for a fact.”


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